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I'm so glad you posted this. I know most kids are utterly fearless, but there are some like Ryan who just have a hard time with some things. Ryan sounds like the bravest kid ever for actually trying! And E sounds like the best brother for supporting him! :)

Glamblasphemy Mx

You are a great parent, and I love the support you always offer to your kids in this kind of situations.
They're awesome children, because of that. Because they have an awesome dad.

The "gay" thing...
I must also tell you that I love the way you handled that.

Uncle iPad

Glamblasphemy Mx: Thanks for the comment!

Jary Nubla

Bullies are gays lol. I'm so proud of Ryan even if I dont know him personally lol

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I have three children: Ryan (12), Ethan (9) and Lily (6). One is autistic, one gifted and one adopted. This is a record of some of the amazing things they say and do. I try to stop and look around at least once a day.

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