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Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ryan!! Hope your birthday bacon and noodles taste especially good today and may you always enjoy each day like I'm sure you would enjoy today! Best wishes from Russia.


hey ryan!wishing you loads of happiness in life..happy birthday!hope you have an awesome day!:D
loads of hugs
tamanna from bangladesh


Happy Birthday sweethearts :D.. have a wonderful day..lots of best wishes, love and kisses from Bangladesh

Peter Douglas

Happy Birthday Ryan, today I went to the dentist! I hope your day goes better! -Peter from Christchurch New Zealand


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ryan may u have many more wish u all your dreams come true, its aliza from Pakistan

Wil Jennings

Happy Birthday Ryan. I wish I could have bacon for breakfast. Hey! I wish I could have bacon anytime! Have a great birthday, and when you are in New York you can come and visit me.

p.s. Happy Birthday to you also E! And you too, Lily!


Happy birthday Ryan, Ethan and Lily! I've only been following your blog for a couple months, but from what I've read you're all sweet, and often profound children. You say amusing things much more often than I remember from my siblings.

God bless!
Annie from the Idaho Panhandle

Jary Nubla

Are their birthdays planned? lol. Happy birthday sweet Ryan :)

~ Jary from the Philippines

Uncle iPad

@Jary: Ryan and E's birthdays were sort of planned. Lily was adopted so that was just luck...There birthdays are a total four days apart.

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I have three children: Ryan (12), Ethan (9) and Lily (6). One is autistic, one gifted and one adopted. This is a record of some of the amazing things they say and do. I try to stop and look around at least once a day.

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